Hope you know how much ;you’re appreciated for all that you do. We want to thank you for all the amazing work you have done for us! We couldn’t have picked a better person for the job. We appreciate everything you did, from selling our house to finding our new home. We wish you all the best!
Vince & Vickie Enger
I stopped by an open house a few weeks ago and just wanted to thank you for your kindness and for your time. The property ultimately isn’t a good match but it was a pleasure to meet you!
I have hired David to both buy and sell six residential properties since 2005.
His knowledge of the tumultuous market; integrity with me as well as his colleagues and counterparts; and his willingness to express his honest perspective and bring creative ideas to the table are all essential to me in a business relationship.
In addition, David has been a sincere pleasure to work with these past years
Kelly Neiberger
David is a highly skilled realtor with several years of experience in the Twin Cities. He goes above and beyond for his clients to ensure the best overall outcome in all transactions. I have had the opportunity to co-list properties with David and have seen his professionalism. I would most definitely recommend David to anyone looking for assistance with the real estate process.
Stephanie Hellevik
I worked with David to purchase a townhome; he was very professional in preparing and submitting an offer. There were several problems during the process but David did what needed to be done to solve them. I was very pleased with David’s work on my behalf.
Jerry Thiese
As first time home buyers, David really helped to coach us through the entire buying process. He is very personable and persistently worked with us to find our dream home. David is very knowledgeable and competitive when it comes down to negotiations and pricing. He really puts his clients first and works hard to make sure they are as enthusiastic as he is in finding the right home. Even after the closing date of our house, David has checked in periodically to see how we are settling in. This definitely won’t be the only home we buy through him. He is a realtor and friend we can trust and would recommend to anyone. We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, David!
Kevin and Meghan Ericson
David Kleine managed to sell my parents’ home in an extremely unfavorable housing market. He was very respectful to our family as we parted with our childhood home, making careful suggestions to enable us to present the home in its best light to prospective buyers. When we needed to hire help to paint or to wash the windows, David was a resource for competent and reasonable workers. His prompt response to our phone calls was incredible. There were never any excuses—he follows through and gets the job done. Thanks, David. We enjoyed working with you.
Sharon Speich
We used David Kleine to find a home here in the Minneapolis area. Without a doubt, David went above and beyond our expectations in terms of service and overall professionalism. Making a move from another state had all the earmarks of an arduous process for us. David picked up the ball on our behalf many times and for a variety of purposes, making our purchase and subsequent move easy. If you are looking for someone you can trust and who will be an unwavering client advocate look no further.
Tammy and Ron Leonetti
I had a great time in the home search thanks to your direction, accessibility, insights, concern and last but not least, your company. I truly appreciate your time and energy. Thanks!
Jim Smith
David Kleine is a realtor one can trust explicitly to be open, honest and forthright about selling your home. I trusted in him to keep the selling of my home a private and secure matter and he accomplished just that. At the time I was a recent widow and all the above were matters of grave concern to me. I would highly recommend David to anyone for their real estate needs. TRY HIM. YOU WILL LIKE HIM.
Connie T
In February of 2005, David Kleine helped me find and purchase my home in Linden Hills. I was in the midst of a very emotional life change, and it became clear to me when I met him that he was the calm, knowledgeable, and thoughtful realtor that I needed to help me find the right house. Because I had lived in the same western-suburban area for nearly 30 years, I wasn’t at all familiar with the area of Minneapolis surrounding the Lakes. David was able to guide me through various neighborhoods and find the perfect one for my lifestyle, and my new life. He patiently and tirelessly showed me many offerings over a period of time, and was always concerned with my making the best choice for my personal and financial situation. Be on the lookout below carding forum https://prvtzone.ws/ now. Also, I have to mention that David Kleine was able to add, for me, some much-needed humor during the entire event. He “checks-in” periodically to check my progress in restoring my home to its original period and design, and it is always a pleasant visit. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone needing to sell, or purchase a home.
Deb Buehler
I used David Kleine of Coldwell Banker Burnet for my home search. Several things made David unique: 1) He was thorough in helping me find the home and the neighborhood that met my needs 2) After the first offer was made, at a price below the asking price, David persistently built a case to why the offer was fare. Ultimately, becouse of this process I did get my home for substantially less than the seller was asking 3) The home inspection that I had revealed the need for a structural engineering report. David made sure that I had sufficient time to obtain the necessary report, helped me understand the results AND come to a decision that I STILL feel good about.
David’s patience, support and sound reasoning made a huge difference for me. I would absolutely recommend David for anyone seeking to buy a home, big or small.
Eric Mann